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The School of Film Art, China Academy of Art (CAA), is developed from the Department of Film and Animation founded in 2002, the School of Media and Animation established in 2004 and the School of Film and Animation in 2015. The School of Film and Animation was separated into the School of Film Art and the School of Animation and Games in 2022.

In 2006, film discipline was rated as Zhejiang’s provincial key program. In 2009, art discipline on radio and television was listed as a key program in Zhejiang province. In 2011, the China Academy of Art was authorized to confer master’s and PhD degrees in Drama, Film and Television recognized by the Ministry of Education and in 2012, it was rated as a first-level discipline in Drama, Film and Television in Zhejiang province. In 2022, China Academy of Art co-established Zhejiang Film Director Talent Training and Research Base with the Publicity Department of the Zhejiang Province.

The School of Film Art’s vision is to base itself on the film noumenon, explore future images, focus on film creation groups with the advantages of directing, filming and art, construct film author consciousness and poetic aesthetics and build a small but sophisticated world-class film school. Its mission is to cultivate screenwriters with humanistic spirit and critical consciousness; research talents with technical, social and cultural characteristics; and professional creative talents from the perspective of pan-image ecology. It’s committed to nourishing the talents for the new generation of Chinese film, carrying out artistic activities with speculative spirit, Eastern vision, and film poetic aesthetics and creating a new generation of Chinese films.

The School consists of four departments — Department of Writing and Directing for Film and Television, Department of Film and Television Production, Department of Film and Television Art and Department of Photography; two research institutes — Research Institute of Sound Art and Research Institute of Filmology, and the incubator for teachers’ and students’ creation to support CAA Film Cause .