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The School of Sculpture and Public Art consists of three departments: the time-honored Department of Sculpture,the emerging Department of Public Art and Department of Fiber Art. The School strives to deepen the reform of Chinese art education and to improve its capacity for innovation. Its aesthetic education benefits all people by creating ‘grand beauty’ and molding a new sense of history and human spirit. The School’s essential mission is the re-shaping and promoting positive human energy. As it enters a new period of development, the Department of Public Art will re-examine the ‘oriental spirit’ as a new academic dimension of the future of art.

It expands the traditional disciplinary concepts of Oriental Studies and seeks a new methodical system of teaching, experimentation, studio practice and social service. The School includes, the Department of Sculpture, the Department of Public Art and the Department of Fiber Art, including ten studios, ten labs and at least eight research institutes. The School has formed a structure of “Three Circles – Body, Experimentation and Study”.